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Free PDF to AutoCAD Converter

free pdf to autocad converterPDF files are normally difficult to edit. Suppose you had a drawing of a room or building stored as a PDF file; editing it would be an almost impossible task. But having the same drawing in AutoCAD would make modifying the drawing a lot easier. This is what "Convert PDF to AutoCAD" makes use of. Here we list two methods to convert PDF to AutoCAD free.

Method 1: Free PDF to AutoCAD Converter Online

convert pdf to autocad freehttp://www.cometdocs.com/index.htm is a free web service that does exactly what its name suggests. It converts PDF files to drawing formats that are compatible with AutoCAD. Using the site's simple interface you can choose any PDF file on your computer and convert it into the DWG or DXF formats. Then you can open these converted files in AutoCAD to modify them.

The site's usage is quite straightforward: you point towards a PDF file on your computer and then provide your email address. Your PDF file is uploaded on the site, converted into DWG / DXF, and sent to the email address you provided.

pdf to dwg converter

Method 2: PDF to AutoCAD Freeware

pdf to autocad freewareVectorEngineer Quick-Tools is a free light version of VectorEngineer Pro Tools. With VectorEngineer Quick-Tools, you can view, create and edit drawing files that you can use in AutoCAD and even convert to AutoCAD format. Here is how to:

Step 1: Search for VectorEngineer Quick-Tools with Google searching engine. Then download and install the free PDF to CAD converter.

Step 2: Launch VectorEngineer Quick-Tools. Then click "File" and hit "Open" to open your PDF drawing file.

Step 3: Click the "File" menu and select "Save As." When the Save As dialog box appears, you can click on the drop-down menu by file format to save the PDF as an AutoCAD DWG file. Once this done, click "Save" to convert PDF to CAD free.


Both the two methods are totally free. But the converted PDF files are not that perfect, as original lines, arcs, or true type texts can't be preserved. So if you want PDF to AutoCAD conversion with high quality, try the professional PDF to DWG Converter, or PDF to DXF Converter!

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