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How to Import PDF into AutoCAD?

import pdf into autocadMany manufacturers post drawings of their products for download in a PDF format. Then how to import a PDF into AutoCAD? There are several ways to import PDF into AutoCAD document. Here we introduce two popular methods to import PDF into CAD easily.

Recommendation: Here is a tutorial describes how to convert PDF to DWG for free with online PDF converter. In just a few simple clicks, converting PDF files to DWG can be finished.

Import PDF into AutoCAD: Cut and Paste Method

This is the simplest and most direct method. It copies a bitmap image only.

Step 1: In either Acrobat or Reader, choose the "Snapshot" or "Graphic Select" too

Step 2: Select the area of the PDF to be imported. A dashed line will be drawn on screen to indicate the area. In version 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 of Acrobat/Reader the image will automatically be copied to the clipboard; in version 5.0, you must choose Copy after the area has been selected.

Step 3: In the CAD application, choose Paste to paste the image into the drawing.

Pros: Totally free.
Cons: Only copies a bitmap image at the current screen resolution in Acrobat or Reader.

Import PDF into AutoCAD: PDF to AutoCAD Converter

Download and install PDF to DWG Converter(Also PDF to DXF Converter) to your computer.

Stand-alone Version:
(Does NOT require AutoCAD. It's an ideal choice for the AutoCAD LT users and these who do not have AutoCAD)
buy it to convert pdf to cad Price: $ 220 for Single User (Discount on multiple purchases)

AutoCAD Add-in Version:
(An AutoCAD Addin that supports AutoCAD 2011~R14, is the best choice for the AutoCAD users)
import pdf into cad Price: $ 180 for Single User (Discount on multiple purchases)

Here is the PDF to CAD conversion Stand-alone Version Guide. For AutoCAD Add-in Version guide, please see How to Convert PDF to DWG.

Step 1: Launch PDF to CAD Converter on your computer. Select your PDF file by clicking the "..." button by "Input PDF file".

importing pdf into autocad

Step 2: Pick either DWG or DXF as your AutoCAD output file type. Determine where you want the new AutoCAD files to go on your computer. Click on the "..." button by "Output File" to set the output location for the new files.

Step 3: Convert your PDF file to AutoCAD by clicking "Convert."

Pros: High quality, ease of use.
Cons: Needs to Pay for the full version.

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